Why Are Nugget Ice Makers So Expensive? An Interview With An Expert

Nugget ice makers have risen in popularity primarily due to their use in chain restaurants such as Chick-Fil-A and Sonic. The ice is easier to chew, and it creates a piece of ice that absorbs the flavor of the drink that it is in. Popularity and demand are two significant factors in cost, but what are the real reasons why nugget ice makers are so expensive?

According to experts, the nugget ice machine is expensive because of its vast amounts of technology. That is a broad area of production that includes each nugget ice maker's size, shape, design, and overall complexity. Price goes along with the demand and the innovations involved with a product.

Anything that is in demand by consumers, and is new on the market, will cost more than you would expect. The longer that they are available, the lower the prices will go. But for now, let's take a deeper look into the question of why are nugget makers so expensive.

Why Are Nugget Ice Makers So Expensive?

Why are sonic ice makers so expensive? An expert that runs the home departments at Walmart took the time to explain why they are so costly. In the retail world, anything in high demand will cost a pretty penny, especially when that device is designed and produced with innovative technology. Let's take a deeper look into why they cost so much.

  • New Technology – Back in 2015, one of the first nugget ice makers was made available to the public. Until then, it was a luxury you could only get from a convenience store or restaurant, and even then, they were not as popular as it should have been. Which is why nugget ice makers are so expensive.
  • High Production Costs – The cost of any product will always be based on the production costs, plus the percentage that the outlet store wants to make on it. Since the production expenses are still high, the price will be increased for the consumer.
  • Demand – This has been mentioned a couple times already, but it is essential to understand that if the demand for a product is high, the price to purchase them will be inflated. It is a simple process of supply and demand.
  • Shape – The main reason that the cost of nugget ice makers is so high is that the ice chunks are compacted into what is now called a nugget. This shape is easier to chew, which is a popular point of having ice in your drink in the first place.

The cost of a nugget ice maker may seem out of reach, but if you have ever had a piece of ice designed in this shape, you will understand the cost. But now, the question may be in the back of your mind about the size of the units.

Are Nugget Ice Makers Portable?

 One of the most important aspects of any product is whether they are small enough to be helpful inside an average kitchen. If they cannot be moved out of the way when you need more counter space, you will not want to spend the money on buying one. So, are nugget ice makers portable?

According to experts, nugget ice makers are portable and can easily be moved whenever needed. Each brand will be slightly different, and the type and size of the unit can make a difference in how hard it will be to move, but unless it is a commercial-sized ice maker, it is portable in one way or another.

Nugget ice makers can be purchased in almost any size and for any use. Commercial units are much more expensive than the ones designed for us in a home, and they will cost you much more. Even the smaller under-counter versions can cost you a couple of hundred or more, but it is well worth the investment.


If you enjoy sucking and chewing on ice randomly throughout the day, you will want to seriously consider getting yourself a nugget ice maker. The machines have been designed in such a way as to offer you the perfect ice cube for drinks and to have in your mouth.

Remember one thing when you consider why sonic ice makers are so expensive; if the cost is worth it to you, then the unit is a good investment. That is what matters. The demand by the rest of the world should not be that big of a factor. If you want it, buy it.

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