Looking for the Smallest Portable Ice Maker? Here's a List for You!

Portable ice makers are great for parties, get-togethers, and nights in. They can keep you and your guests cool and happy with minimal work or supervision. If you’re looking for the smallest portable ice makers out there, you have some great options.

Why Get a Portable Ice Maker?

They’re great for parties and for entertaining. Instead of having to freeze ice tray after ice tray, you can have a steady and convenient supply of ice all day or all evening, so guests can refill cups easily. It cuts down on the amount of time you’ll spend in the kitchen, and the small size is great for camping trips, tailgating, and RVs.

So, let’s go through our list of Top Small Portable Ice Makers, and see which model might be best for you.

Freezimer Portable Ice Maker

The Freezimer is a high-quality, well-built machine that can supply plenty of ice reliably for your next party. It’s a quiet, dependable machine that can give you 26 lbs of ice per day.

It’s also conveniently self-cleaning and produces cool ice quickly in just 7 minutes for a single serving. The 2.8 liter water tank can provide an average of 200 cup’s worth of ice in a single day, and measures just 12.5” x 11.6” x 8.9” and is super compact. It’ll fit on any countertop, and provide you with hours of quiet, faithful, easy-to-use service.

Frigidaire EFIC189

The Frigidaire EFIC189 is a neat, beautifully deigned little ice maker that sits nicely on your countertop and works great for small parties and date nights.

It can make up to 26 lbs on ice per day, and can create ice in just under 6 minutes. The large transparent window allows you to see your ice levels as they’re forming, and make sure your guests always have enough.

It weighs just 17 lbs, and its dimensions are 15” x 11” x 14.5”, making it great for small kitchens and apartments.

Frigidaire EFIC108

Another great product from Frigidaire, the EFIC108 is a sleek, retro-looking little ice maker comes with silent operation, two different ice sizes, and the ability to make 26 lbs of ice over the course of a day and a night.

It comes in a number of striking colors, like robin’s egg blue, deep red, white, and silver. It boasts a timeless design that’s beautiful yet modern and would look great on any countertop.

It measures just 14.8” x 14.6” x 11” in dimension and weighs just 18.5 lbs. It’s well-built, can last for years, and comes with a handy ice-scoop, too. It’s also easy to use and very hands-off, letting you focus on guests or loved ones as you refill.

Della Portable Ice Maker

The Della is undeniably stylish and sleek looking and would match any modern or classic décor.  It comes is a striking wine-red, black, or stainless steel, and produces high-quality ice consistently. 26 lbs per day on average, just like the other models. It can produce ice in two sizes and runs smoothly.

The clear top lid allows users to see how much ice is being made, and the controls are beautiful, modern, and responsive. It measures 14.5” x 9.8” x 12.8”, and weighs just 21 lbs. The output of ice is consistent, and the build quality of the Della makes it easy to use, and handle. It self-cleans, and has sensitive integrated sensors to keep your ice levels optimal.

Igloo Portable Ice Maker

Igloo is a sturdy brand, known for reliability, and for a sleek design. The Igloo Portable Ice Maker has a classic design, a compact built, and a minimalist aesthetic. It measures 13.9” x 10.5” x 15.3” and won’t take up much room on a countertop.

It comes in a variety of pretty, classic colors like aqua, pink, white, grey, red, and black. The 1.5-quart water tank can also give you 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours and the removable 1,5 lbs. ice basket can help guests refill at leisure.


All of these ice makers are great, but the Freezimer Portable Ice Maker uniquely stands out as being compact, very quiet, and very easy to store in small spaces. It’s the smallest portable ice maker by dimensions on our list, is very well-built, simply to use, and can clean itself, too.

If you need a simple and problem-free ice solution for a party, trip, or dinner, a Freezimer can serve you well in any setting.

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