Ice Makers That Actually Keep Ice Frozen - Top 2022 Options

When you are looking for a portable ice maker. Unfortunately, not all ice makers can keep your ice frozen. This is especially important when you are entertaining guests. Portable and countertop ice makers don’t typically have a drain line, which means they need to have some freezer or refrigerator component to keep your ice cold.

This article will take a look at the best options available for ice makers that keep ice frozen. Some of these options will have a line to install for water, while others do not. Think about what you can use in your space and that will help you pick the right ice maker for your home.

Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine

If you want to choose from compact ice makers that keep ice frozen, this is an excellent option to consider. This is just an ice maker that you can keep on your counterspace to make ice whenever you need it. It can make up to 28 lbs. of ice daily and can keep your ice cooler for longer without worrying about the ice melting too quickly.

You should be aware that the ice will melt quicker when out of the portable ice maker than ice that came from the freezer. This model has a freezer, which ensures that your ice stays frozen.

SMETA Ice Maker with a Built-in Freezer

One of the most important things to note about this option is that you can use it as both a freestanding ice maker and one that goes under the counter. This allows you to put it wherever you have space. You can get about 12 lbs. of ice every day with this ice maker and has the capacity to store 6 lbs. of ice at a time.

Even though this is a larger ice maker, you don’t need to have a drain line installed to use this option. This is because you can also use this ice maker as a freezer. Which ensures that the ice is cold at all times.

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb

With its compact design, this ice maker is a countertop ice maker that is easy to use. You can get alerts for low water and low ice, helping you avoid any situations where you may be left without the ice that you want and need. The LCD display and the push-buttons makes make this stylish ice maker easy to control.

This option may be on the expensive side, but it’s an excellent option if you don’t have the space for a larger option.

EdgeStar IB250SS

If you are frequently entertaining, you need an ice maker with the capacity to keep up with your needs. This ice maker can not only produce 25 lbs. of ice every day, but it also has the capacity of 20 lbs. of ice in storage. Another thing that you will like about this model is that you can choose from 3 different color options: stainless steel, black, and white.

You also have the option to use this model as a freestanding ice maker or as one that can be installed under your counter.

Euhomy Portable Ice Maker with Freezer Compartment

The first thing that you should notice with this option is that this option has a freezer compartment. This will ensure that your ice stays cooler for longer. The LCD screen ensures that you can see your settings, which is important to making sure that your ice maker is doing what you want it to. There is a removable bucket, which can hold 2.2 lbs. of ice.

This is a larger portable, countertop option that has a higher capacity than some other portable options.


Having an ice maker is something that many people would find important. Whether they love ice for their beverages or they entertain a lot, if you don’t have a refrigerator with an ice making feature you need one of these options. Any of these options are excellent ones to consider. Maybe you don’t have the space for a larger option that can be used as a freestanding or under the countertop option. Maybe you want something more powerful than a countertop option. Decide what your needs are and choose one of these options for your home.

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