How Much Ice to Expect from A Countertop Ice Maker – The Capacity Guide

A countertop ice maker can be great when you do not have one attached to your refrigerator. Even if you do, you may find that it does not keep up with your needs. The point is that one of these countertops’ units can fill your needs without breaking the bank.

The average amount of ice produced in a countertop ice maker is 26 pounds within 24 hours. Single pieces of ice will be put out at about one per minute. This type of unit is designed to keep up with the demands of a household that is between two and four people.

It all boils down to how much ice is produced within 24 hours and how big the unit is advertised. For instance, if you buy one advertised as a 26-pound unit, it will make 26 pounds in 24 hours. Simple, isn't it? Let's take a little deeper look into this because, as you know, not all brands are the same.

How Much Ice Can Be Produced In 24 Hours?

A countertop ice maker may not be able to produce as much ice as free-standing commercial units. The ice maker capacity limits will not be as much, but they can keep up with the basic demands of a typical household. The size that you get is the most essential feature when it comes to how much is actually produced by the unit. Let's take a closer look.

  • 26 pounds – This is the most common size on the market. Within 24 hours, it will make up to 26 pounds of ice.
  • 33 pounds –This is not a typical size and will usually have to be ordered if you want it. This unit will produce up to 33 pounds within 24 hours.
  • 24 pounds –This is a slightly smaller version of the one most commonly found on retail shelves. It will produce up to 24 pounds of ice within 24 hours.

These are the three most common, with the 26-pound version being the one most consumers go for. When you think about the amount of ice a unit produces, you may feel that 26 pounds are a lot of ice. If you do not use it very much during the day, it is a substantial amount, but you need to understand that the amount within 24 hours may not be enough to keep you in stock when it is in demand.

How Much Ice Is Produced in A Minute?

This is the number that is more important than the total volume that it can produce. Just to put things into perspective, an average glass will need up to 12 cubes of ice. You can see how fast the ice will disappear when your children and their friends come to get cold drinks after playing in the sun.

Luckily, a storage bin attached to the unit offers ice maker capacity increases. But to be safe, you need to know how much your unit can produce every minute when it is actually needed.

How much ice can a countertop icemaker make? The average ice maker will produce up to 9 cubes every minute, not including the amounts of shaved or smaller types of ice. This means that if the ice stored for use has been wiped out that your family will be able to get a glass of ice every minute. Not bad when you consider how much money it costs to always have a bag of ice from the store on hand.

How Long Can a Countertop Ice Maker Run?

If you are working on filling up a bigger bin, such as the fountain pop machine in the lobby that is not hooked up to water, you will want to know if your portable countertop ice maker will keep up. If the unit cannot run when needed, even if it is for 24 hours straight, you will want to know about it before it is required.

Every ice maker on the market, including those designed to sit on top of the counter, can produce ice 24/7. There are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind, though.

  • The ice maker capacity limits will need to be dealt with. The storage bin must be emptied before it is full; otherwise, the unit will think its job is done and shut down.
  • The water tank must be kept full, so the machine can continue to freeze it into ice.

Simple tasks that should be done regularly can ensure that the countertop ice maker continues running daily. Of course, if your need is not constant, you can let the ice maker take a break, and you can take a nap.


How much ice can countertop ice makers make? They should easily be able to produce enough ice to keep your drinks cool and your shoulders iced down. Keep in mind that the storage bins attached to these portable units will not keep the ice frozen, so unless your ice maker has a system to recycle the water into the water bin, you will need to empty the water by hand.

Not that big of a deal as long as you keep an eye on it. You don't want to have a flood on your counter if it should ever overflow.

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