9 Reasons Nugget Ice is the Best Thing That Will Happen to Your Kitchen

Nugget ice may resemble crushed ice, but there are some distinct differences. While crushed ice was ice that was made from full-sized ice cubes, nugget ice was made from crushed ice that was formed into nuggets. This unique difference makes them great for people because as the crushed ice is compacted into nuggets, this creates pockets of air within the ice. Reading on, you can learn all about the best reasons why nugget ice is the greatest thing for your kitchen.

1. The Best Ice to Chew

There are some people who just love to chew on ice. These people are going to absolutely love nugget ice. The nugget ice offers you the cold and refreshing feeling that you love from chewing on ice, but with a softer and more satisfying chewing feeling. So, if you like to eat the ice after your beverage is gone, you might have the most satisfying experience with nugget ice.

2. Cools Quickly

The way that nugget ice is created and the shape that is has gives it a quality of rapid cooling. No matter what you are using nugget ice with, it will get cooled quicker. You can get a cooler feeling when you put nugget ice on an injury or quickly cools off your beverage. For example, the nugget ice has a contoured shape to it which allows the ice to better conform when you put it on an injury.

3. Better Retain the Drink’s Flavor

A lot of people enjoy eating their ice after they finish a beverage. However, you normally can’t taste much of the drink that was formerly in the glass when you do. For some unknown reason, nugget ice is able to retain the flavor of the beverage long after you’ve finished it. This can help you better enjoy the ice after your drink is gone.

4. Best Ice for Frozen Drinks


Frozen drinks require the right ice to make them next level drinks. Nugget ice is the superior ice when making smoothies and other frozen drinks. Once reason why is because the machines used to make nugget ice can typically make ice a lot faster than other ice makers. This makes it not only good for making frozen drinks but also for making frozen drinks for a crowd. The nature of this ice is that it’s softer, which makes it less likely to damage the blades of your blender when making frozen drinks. Lastly, you can easily and quickly make these drinks since the ice can break down easier.

5. Great for Salad Bars

Remember how we said that nugget ice has this incredible ability to cool things quickly? It’s also the ideal option for things like cooling salad bars. Using nugget ice to keep salads, vegetables, fruits, and even containers of soda can be the most effective way to keep these items at a great temperature.

6. Doesn’t Melt Quickly

A major downside with crushed ice is that it can tend to melt very easily. The good thing about nugget ice is that it doesn’t melt nearly as quickly as crushed ice does. This means that not only will your drinks stay cooler longer, but you also don’t have to worry about your drinks getting watered-down as quickly. Keep your drinks cold and full flavored by using nugget ice instead of options like pellet ice or pebble ice.

7. Fits Nicely in Any Glass

Sometimes ice doesn’t fit as well as you want it to in your glass. For instance, the cubed or ball of ice looks great but isn’t the most practical ice to use. Nugget ice is smaller and can cool drinks more efficiently. Their unique shape allows them to fit in any container, no matter the shape, so that you can enjoy a nice, chilled beverage in any container.

8. Easy on the Teeth

Ice can be pretty rough on the teeth. Chewing on the ice can tend to hurt your teeth, making it an unpleasant experience. The reason why nugget ice is easy on the teeth is because it is light and airy. This has a soft texture that is very easy on the teeth.

9. Better for Restaurants

Restaurants will love using pebble or nugget ice when serving drinks. This is because you can use more surface area with this type of ice, meaning that you can get away with using less actual drink in the glasses. Since the ice melts slower than other types of ice, the customers won’t notice this and will better enjoy their beverages.

Using Nugget Ice

Is nugget ice the best choice for every occasion? That will depend on your personal preference. However, there are some situations where nugget ice can really shine. These situations include:

  • Making Cocktails that Use Crushed Ice

Nugget ice is the superior choice over crushed ice. For any cocktails that you would normally use crushed ice, step up your cocktail game with nugget ice. The beverage will stay colder for longer and you don’t have to worry about the ice melting quickly.

  • The Weather is Hot

As previously mentioned, nugget ice has this awesome ability to cool things quickly. This is why nugget ice really excels when it is really hot out.

  • Entertaining

When you are entertaining, you need to be able to keep up with the beverage needs of your guests. Since nugget ice makers can quickly make more ice, they are better able to keep up with your guests.


Nugget ice is great and something that you can easily have in your home with a nugget ice maker. Once you have nugget ice, you may not be able to go back to traditional ice again. You will especially love how you can make nugget ice in your home with an easy-to-use countertop ice maker. Whether you love to entertain or just love ice, a nugget ice maker can be an excellent item to have in your home especially if you love sonic ice.

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