5 Signs You Need an Ice Maker for a Home Bar

Do you have a home bar and think you’re already making the perfect drinks? Well, there is something that you can add to your home set up that will turn your regular bar into a professional, fully equipped assembly that will give the illusion you’re having drinks straight from a classy London cocktail bar.

Ice makers are truly extremely functional and practical, especially the portable ones which can be moved anywhere. Ice makers work by a person filling the water reservoir in the makers tank with water for it then to feed through to compressor. As long as there is enough water in the tank, it is possible for it to be made. Adding freshly crushed ice to your stunning cocktail or other drinks can be the perfect refreshing finishing touch to the ideal drink.

Here are 5 signs you need an ice maker for a home bar.

You Hate Ice Trays

You’re probably thinking, well why don’t I just use ice from the freezer? Yes, you could. But let’s consider all the potentials surrounding this option. Firstly, there never seems to be enough ice ready for when you need it. It’s always the problem of the last person to use the ice forgetting to fill the ice tray up and you go and open the freezer expecting there to be ice and there is nothing.

Now that cold ice that you really craved to have in a gin is missing and suddenly that flawless drink is without that important piece. What’s more you can’t get the ice quickly without having to go to the store to get some, which when you’re looking forward to staying in and relaxing for the evening, it is not ideal. It costs time and effort, not to mention money spent too for ice that will quickly run out.

You never have enough ice

How about having ice ready for whatever drink you want by simply turning on a machine and simply pressing a few buttons?

The biggest advantage of an ice machine as well as its main selling point is the speed in which the ice can be made. From the time you have the thought of wanting the ice and loading the machine with water to the time the ice is made is typically under 20 minutes, sometimes as little as 10. Instead of waiting for hours for the ice tray in the freezer to make the ice, you can have it in a fraction of the time.

So no more stressing you don’t have enough ice ready. No more craving an ice-cold alcoholic beverage but having to forfeit it because you haven’t got the ice on tap, ready for you to use. Imagine having instant ice for your drink, whenever you feel like it. It almost seems a waste to have a fully functioning at home bar but to not have the additional essential with it. An ice maker is a truly important type of equipment that can change the entirety of the home bar experience.

You are conscious of sustainability

Another advantage for those conscious of sustainability is the use of water is usually a minimum because when the ice that is made, if not used, will be melted and stored again meaning the use of water levels is minimized, making it more sustainable for the limited water use.

You like to entertain

The ice maker is the perfect complement to the home bar. If you have guests at the home bar that you are caring for and entertaining, the ice maker will look impressive and add sophistication to your set up.

Additionally, the ice maker has so much duality and can be multi-purpose. It does not only have to be used to compliment alcoholic beverages but can be used for many other drinks. It is great for soft drinks, for cold water and even got home made Slushies.

You Need an Affordable Solution

Finally, an ice machine is an affordable and worthwhile purchase. Looking at the price and the longevity of the machine, it is an investment that has no disadvantages. The only trouble the machine can give you is having an abundance of ice! Prices of the machines start at approximately $79.99 for the smaller machines. If you only have a small bar or a small family that will make use of the ice maker then this may be the one for you.

If you want large quantities of ice for a large project or for a large gathering of people, bigger machines such as a Vevor 220V machine that costs typically around $200. There are a large range of designs and systems available on the market to trailer to your need.

So what are you waiting for? Get the fast and easy ice for your home or home bar that you really want!